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Software for Windows 10

Videon offers reliable digital signage software for Windows 10 and a platform independent sigange cloud for content and device management. Create digital signage ads and upload them to your synchronized screens from anywhere in the world.

Why is Videon the right digital signage solution to turn your vision into reality?

Hardware Independent

Choose between all available consumer screens, professional displays, projectors, LED walls or simply use your existing Hardware infarstructure. The only requirement is an updated Windows 10 operating system. Hardware Guide 2020

Easy Setup

Update your Windows 10, download and install Videon and scan the QR code to link the player to your account. Done! Now you can make all settings remotely and load your player with content. Get started for free

Customer Care

Customer support and their satisfaction is our priority. Our goal is to always offer you the best possible service. With our pluging-based software, we can also offer individual solutions. Please contact us

High Performance

Our digital signage solution uses native Windows hardware-accelerated 4k playback at high frame rates. Smooth playback, clean transitions, perfect syncronised content and offline availability. Sit back and enjoy.

User Interface

The sophisticated, feature-rich cloud based user interface convinces with a gentle learning curve and simple operation. Drag and drop content, playlists and webviews while we do the heavy lifting. Watch the demo.

Dynamic Payment

Benefit from our pay-as-you-go pricing model. After charging your account, we bill registered screens daily. Providing the flexible basis for creativity and development.

Laptop with Videon UI (Dark)

Signage Player for Windows 10

Turn any Windows 10 PC into an powerful web controlled digital signage player.

Get started and download the Videon Media Player Software today. Enjoy our easy setup on Windows 10 PCs running Version 1903+

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